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ASP QuickSnap© 16

29 Gauge Siliconized Polyester Finished Panel

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For years Architects, Builders and the Home Owner have appreciated the beauty & durability of a metal roofing system. When price was a concern, the only other alternative was a corrugated utility panel that was not resistant to time and weather damage. NOW…ASP’s “Quick Snap 16©” panel not only looks good, but also makes the best investment for your dollar!


  • AZ-50 Galvalume
  • Panel Width: 16”
  • No Exposed Fasteners
  • No Holes to Pre-Drill
  • Flat Panel with Striations / Easier to Detail Roof
  • Faster Application
  • Narrower Panels / Easier to Handle
  • Contemporary profile with anti-siphon feature for weatherproof seal